Mansfield Pilots Association

Promoting growth and a social atmosphere at Mansfield Airport (1B9)




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- The grand opening for the new restaurant is coming soon!  Visit Hangar 12 for breakfast or lunch, with views of the runway.  Click here for more info: Hangar 12 Restaurant


- MPA is reviving the effort to acquire a different frequency for 1B9.  With the now active flight school and the myriad airports using 123.00, the frequency is very busy.  Bob Welch, Airport Manager, has said he is working ot get the FCC to release a new number on the dial for us.  


- There are no dues to belong to MPA.  However our "kitty" has been depleted and a call for donations is now extended.  $20 per member can be donated at any meeting and will be used to reach association goals.  Most recently our funds were used to buy folding chairs for our meetings and airport events; markers for the wires at the approach to runway 22 (not yet installed) and minor expenses.  The last call for donations was in January 2017.


- Join our facebook community at:

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The Mansfield Pilots Association is aimed at growing the aviation community and improving the Mansfield Airport.  


All are welcome, you do not need to be a pilot to join.